Louisa Stanski.

Louisa Stanski or how everyone calls her Lulu; is and engineer and management major. She decided to come to the U.S to improve her english for a job, her first experience in the United States has been really good.

As soon as she got to the university of Missisippi, her first impression was the weather it was so hot and what for her it’s a cold day it normally a spring windy day in her hometown Tegernbach. She didn’t have so much trouble Adjusting to the space but some of the differences from the U.S and Germany about the university is that back there they don’t have attendance policies, she explained that in Germany it doesn’t matter if a student doesn’t go to the class; that is usually just once a week and without homework in the whole semester. but if they show up for the final exam and they pass it then their grade is just that final exam. Germany doesn’t use the A through F grading scale like America does. Instead, your grade is a number; 1,0 through 5,0 are the grades, with 1,0 being the best possible, and 5,0 being basically failing.

Another difference was living in a different kind of dorm; she explained, living with a new person is new to her, specially because you don’t get to choose your roommate, everyone come from different cultures and as she said “everyone sees life in a different perspective”, this made it a little hard to live with someone because back in Germany the dorms are all over the city and she lives alone, has her own kitchen.

Her experience here has been great, the U.S, for her the people here is more open and kind, here families have gave her rides and invited for food while people back home are more closed and reserved.

Finally she tell’s us that this has been a great experience but she won’t come back to The University of Mississipi if she has the chance, “I believe there so many other places to know in the United stated my time here has been awesome but i’d like to go to other places”.

Schau ma moi, dann seng ma scho.

(Let’s look, then we will see)

This phrase for her means ” don’t be negative about everything , just do it and it will be fine. I came to Mississippi, I didn’t inform myself a lot about the south and Ole Miss, I just hoped that it will be fine”





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