Diego Machado

Diego a student of Biomedical Engineer, comes from Puebla a city of more than six million people located in east central Mexico. His high school back home asks their students to take at least a summer abroad in order to graduate. Because of this and a partnership between Ole Miss and his High school he chose te university of Mississipi. When he was in that summer abroad, his grades were really good they offer him a scholarship for four years. He chose this university for that and his desire of making his english much better.

When he came to the south of the United States he didn’t knew much about Mississipi apart from the fact that until that year Mississipi state was one of the poorest states in the U.S, having 22% of unemployment the highest between all states. Meanwhile in Puebla the rates of unemployment is one of the lowest in Mexico having just 3.2% of unemployment in  a city larger than the population of the state of Mississipi.

Arriving to his first semester to Ole Miss he didn’t have a lot of american friends just his roommate and a classmate , he was among other international students. For him having international friends, people that are going trough the same thing as him was the factor that make him feel better in this new environment. “Learning about other cultures and making friends from all around the world showed me I’m not alone and slowly becoming friends with more american showed me that we are all the same. ”

Another thing really different for him was the food, he doesn’t eat much outside so the food on campus can be sometimes a little to greasy bur still is food and it’s fine for him.

When it comes about values he thinks people in the south of the U.S and in Mexico are alike; really friendly and kind, he thinks American people are a little more reserved with their private things. For him Mexican culture is really old with deep roots meanwhile at least in the south of the U.S it’s more new and developed and there is a lot of identities as a culture.

My last question was if he would come again to study in Ole Miss, smiling he said he would come back but the Biomedical program is just starting so he would choose another place to go in the world, laughing he said “you should go and visit new places and know new people more that way your life will be much better”

“Vive el presente, Planea el futuro, Recuerda el Pasado”

Live the present, design the future, remember the past




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